Monday, August 27, 2007

First Weekend in Review

It was a pretty good weekend as far as getting some reading in, daughter's birthday and all. I managed to take a good look at all the products I mentioned Friday, as well as start in a bit on Ravencross/EOS' future dark RPG, Lesser Shades of Evil. That's a product I'll have to slowly chew through, I think. I don't really want to get into the specifics insofar as what I reviewed this weekend until I get a chance to do some Actual Play, but I will say that a lot of the products so far either look good or seem to have some qualities I like, but also leave some questions as far as how they'll actually play out at the gaming table. (Colonial Gothic, Witch Hunter, I'm looking at you here, among several others).

I'll be taking a look before work today to try to plot out my Week of Review a little bit more carefully. I want to get through as many of these products as I can before the next wave hits, and I want to make sure its done right.

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