Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hex Appeal

Man, seriously, that was the best title I could come up with for this post. I have all the cleverness of an ABC sitcom writer.

Thanks to several conversations recently taking place on several of the RPG forums I frequent, I've had hexmaps on the mind. Seriously, how cool is a blank hexmap? Is there anything outside of digging up an old character sheet that gets you nostalgic for some good old-fashioned marathon campaigning? Designing worlds? Mega-adventures? Creating your own worlds and running your friends through them (and into the ground, sometimes)? Give me a blank hex map and let me go, and I'll still happily while away hours I don't have, doodling up the Swamp of the Fire Kobolds, or the Border Baronies of the Wildlands.

A lot of folks already know about the excellent program Hexmapper, and some have stumbled upon Incomptech's great hex/graph paper page. But did you know that there was a Hexmapper Yahoo! Group, complete with files and discussion on optimizing Hexmapper?

Here's a few more hexy links that might interest those of us who appreciate this fine, stalwart, six-sided shape:

Free Graph Paper: Not only offers customizable hexmaps, but plenty of other types and sizes of graph paper as well.

The Hexagonal Grid Font: A TrueType font that will allow you to merrily type away different types of hex grids and yes, even hex terrain!

mkhexgrid: Prgram for creating all different types of hexgrids, to include different numbering, shades, thickness, and more.

Hexmap Designer: Havem't tried this one out, but was recommend to me by a fellow hex enthusiast. Try at your own risk.

EDIT: Just saw that Jeff's Gameblog mentioned hexmaps as well earlier today!!!


S. John said...

I think I can say honestly that there has not been a single week from mid-1985 until today where I haven't spent at least a little time drawing something in hexagons.

Epic Role Playing said...

Thanks for the research, Timesaver Zach!