Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Year Ahead, And Small Press

I like a lot of different games. I'm very much in one sense a "traditional gamer", but I also like small press games like Burning Wheel, Lacuna Part I, FATE, and In Harm's Way. I really am all over the map when it comes to RPGs. That's why I'm so interested to see who is going to be submitting product this year, and who won't. Are the indie/small press guys going to submit stuff comparable to what we saw this year (Burning Empires, Spirit of the Century), or will we see entries from more traditional-gaming (but respected) small press publishers like Precis Intermedia?

I really think one of the coolest things about the small press and pdf movement is we have all these companies out there making just a huge array of games that wouldn't have been possible or financially viable 1o years ago. And it's not just the "indie" movement, but a lot of really talented folks finally getting their chance to shine, be it in a less traditional game or something a bit more mainstream. I'm excited to see who's in and who's out this year.

But if you think your favorite small press guy can hang with the big boys, encourage them to enter their best into the ENnies! And you can promise them that whatever the name on the spine (or e-spine), they'll get a fair shake and equal treatment from me. A good game is a good game, no matter who makes it.

I wanted to somehow tie this in to the following picture of me with Gary Gygax, but I couldn't think of anything. So I'll just post it anyhow, due to sheer awesomeness and the fact that it makes me happy:

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Anonymous said...

I never got a photo with him, when i met Gary. I will envy you for that magic moment! Cheers, eh!

From the One and Only, Gravenhurst.