Friday, September 7, 2007

Best Podcast

Another ENnies category is that of Best Podcast. I do listen to a few gaming podcasts right now, especially when I'm doing work in the yard or on the work commute, but I will admit, I'm not one of those guys who listens to 14 podcasts like clockwork. I do listen to Fear the Boot quite a bit already, and along with All Games Considered and Animalcast, those are the ones I listen to the most regular-like. (Once the good DocRot gets a host for I Waste The Buddha With My Podcast, that's another one). I've also listened to Sons of Kryos on occasion, but beyond that, I'm a blank slate when it comes to being podcast-savvy.

But I know I've got a lot more listening in front of me--to get a good grasp on podcasts, I'm going to have to really hit at least a couple episodes of each. Even on a couple of the podcasts I like, the sound quality makes my ears bleed. So along with Not Making Zachary's Ears Bleed, gaming discussion and overall entertainment value will be the big things I'm looking for.


Olman Feelyus said...

May I suggest Midnight's Lair? They don't get a lot of love (probably because they're Canadian), but I find they walk a nice line between old-school gaming and keeping their minds open to new stuff.

Dragon Snack said...

I know what you mean by making your ears bleed, I've been a part time radio DJ for the past 7 years and many podcasts are just unlistenable to me.

That said, I'll pimp the Brilliant Gameologists. They know their stuff and the production quality will caress your ears with joy (well, maybe not, but it won't make them bleed unless your volume control is broken).