Friday, September 7, 2007

Charts For Cash

Second perhaps only to my love of hexmaps is my love of random, fun, crazy, and/or useful tables and charts for RPGs. So I of course have to mention that The RPG Site, one of my internet abodes, is having a chart design contest. Here's the publicity blurb:

Random potion effects, critical fumble tables, encounters for underwater volcanoes, random arcane weather possibilities, dungeon hoard generators. Feel like making a good chart or a table for a fantasy RPG? What if there was $50 in it for you, and the chance to be published?

That's exactly what you can do right now with The RPG Site/ Adventure! Table Creation Contest! Simply post your entry in the main designated forum thread at The RPG Site, and if chosen by our panel of judges, you could win one of the following prizes:

1 Grand Prize: $50 CASH (via check or paypal)

2 Second Prizes: Print copy of FtA! (or equivalent Flying Mice Game of choice)

5 Honorable Mentions: PDF copy of FtA! (or equivalent Flying Mice Game of choice)

All entries must use ONLY d6s (or d3), period. All entries must be in by September 29. All submitted entries become the property of Flying Mice Games, and may be featured in an upcoming Flying Mice product (with full credit given)!

Old-school, new-school, show us what you've got. Whether it's down to earth, traditional, avant-garde, bizzare, dungeon-crawly, or just plain weird, sent it this way, and maybe you'll be $50 (or one cool prize) richer!

Contest Thread

Commentary Thread

I'll be checking it regularly! Here's hoping there's plenty of great entries...

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