Friday, September 21, 2007

In With The New, In With The Old

While I'm celebrating the birth of our second daughter, I don't have have a long post for today, but this link to Jonathan Tweet article did show up over at The RPG Site:

The Arduin Grimoire: The Coolest RPG Ever

Great look at an old classic I like to think of as "proto-Rifts" sometimes (though that hardly does Mr. Hargrave's work justice). See if this excerpt can be applied to any other game we might know:

Arduin's appeal isn't in its elegance, its comprehensiveness, its game balance, or its presentation. It's the author's enthusiasm that counts. Hargrave loved running his Arduin campaign, and the books read like the campaign notes of a manic DM. He often refers to his own campaign and how he makes rulings, runs combat, handles treasure, etc. Hargrave's enthusiasm is contagious.

I also love this:

page 65 - 66: Dinosaurs
Ankylosaurus has the best AC, as it should be.

You know it.

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Jeff Rients said...

I love Arduin and I love that article. Monte Cook also has an Arduin lovefest article but I'll be damned if I can find it. I'm in total agreement that Rifts is of the same bastard line of descent as Arduin.