Friday, October 5, 2007

My $5 Shopping Spree

I definitely don't have the gaming budget I once did, but I did manage to pick up a couple of items yesterday at Your Games Now and still keep it under a fiver.

Here's the rundown:

0one Games' The Great City Blueprints: Actually had this, but can't find it. Fantastic work which lays out an entire fantasy city in blueprint form. Love it, and plan to use it.

0one Games' The Great City: Marketplace: Another cool set of blueprints for a fantasy city setting. I'll eventually get this whole series, I think.

Ronin Arts' Fantasy Handouts: Pardons: Because I always seem to have a convict as a character in our gaming groups--or at least one in the making.

Not a bad day's haul!

1 comment:

DNAphil said...

I have been using the Great City as one of the major cities in my ongoing Iron Heroes game. Those are great maps, and I love that they come in black and old school blue.