Friday, December 21, 2007

Now We Play The Waiting Game...

So, I know there's still hasn't been a lot of updates on this blog as of late. And since I ran on a campaign of openness, I'll reveal the shocking truth to you:

I have nothing to report.

Our first wave of product has been reviewed, playtested in large part, and I'm really just sort of thinking over how things have been. We haven't seen the next waves of product yet, so really while I can compare products to others in the first wave, I'll be happy when the judges have some more work to do.

I'm hoping the publisher solicitations and contacts will pick up here--I'm still very excited about being a judge, and I've been trying to keep myself sharp by checking out some other products--including two at Barnes & Noble the other day: WotC's Dungeon Survival Guide (which may be one of the least impressive and least valuable D&D books I've seen since 2nd Ed), and Starships of the Galaxy for Star Wars (which I think I'll reserve judgment on for now).

Aside from that, you'll know more as I know more. And I'll try to get on here more to opine on products and the hobby as I see 'em. Happy Holidays, and a Merry Christmas!

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Master of the Game said...

I had a similar problem last year. After the initial bump it was a lot of hurry up and wait until 150 or so books came in at the last minute. Good luck man.

My advice, first, read anything you buy with the eye of a judge that might be entered. That way if it does you don't have to go back. I saved a surprising amount of time that way. Also, hit podcasts and reviews hard while you have the time to listen/read. Time will get tight all at once.

You're doing a great job man, I envy you.