Monday, November 19, 2007

Around Thanksgiving Update

Sorry for the bit of lag in between posts--between work and the new kid...well, I'm sure you've all heard that excuse on blogs all over the internets, so why should this one be any different?

Anyhow, I've almost completely finished up with the first round of ENnies evaluation product. I've a few more playtests to run, and then I'll be just discussing and waiting for the next round of product. I'll tell you--there are a lot of companies out there who may not be traditional "gaming powers" that are making a play with some high-quality stuff. And there are a few other companies I'm really hoping enter this year, as I've had the pleasure of picking up some really excellent pdfs as of late (even with my gaming budget down to practically nil for now).

Other than that, October/November always seems to be the doldrums of RPGs, and, by extension, the online gaming community. The post-Gen Con rush has abated, many folks are occupied with the holidays, and the wait for 4e has settled down into a pattern of updates and sniping. Even on TheRPGSite, it seems like there's been a slowdown in new posts. Thank goodness for the entertainment of The Goblin Defense Fund.

And yes, I am a proud signatory of that petition. But won't some kind soul do the same for the now-endangered gnome?

Anyhow, there should be another push from the ENnies soon, and you'll know stuff as I know it. Thanks!