Friday, February 29, 2008

Another XRP Package!

Expeditious Retreat Press has sent another set of entrants. Yesterday, I received:

-Big Trouble In Little Oaktown (A Nevermore True20 module)

-1 on 1 Adventures #9: Legacy of Darkness

-Lava Rules! Fire & Brimstone

Lava Rules is a free download, by the way.

I've not had a chance to look over Oaktown yet, but Legacy of Darkness looks like an excellent short adventure for 1-on-1 play. I like it as much as any of the other 1-on-1 series I've seen this year.

What was really shiny in this group, though, was Lava Rules, which I felt was the best explanation I've seen on exactly how lava mechanics should work. It's been hailed by no less an august personage as Gygax, not to mention Peter Adkison, Ed Greenwood, and Robin D. Laws. Hey, its free. Check it out. I'll wait.






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