Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Goodman Games Shipment Arrives

I've been busy the last week or so reviewing the submissions that Goodman Games just recently sent out to all the judges. I'm still waiting (as are a few of the judges) on a couple of the products that we didn't get at Gen Con, but for now, products like the monster Castle Whiterock (#51), The Adventure Continues, and DCC #50, Vault of the Iron Overlord.

At first glance: Castle Whiterock is full, and I mean full of product, including plenty of accessories and player handouts. In terms of sheer volume, I think it outdoes City of Brass. But even in this age of the Return of the Big Ole Boxed Set, we know that volume alone doesn't win the day. But Castle Whiterock bears all the marks of a winner. I like how the adventures could be reasonably broken out to stand on their own, or be interspersed gradually through a larger campaign. It looks like this one boxed set could keep a group laying for a long, long time (which, if I guess if you're someone who really wants to hold off on converting to 4th edition, would make this a good pick-up).

Vault of the Iron Overlord is written by Monte Cook, and is a very interesting example of a mechanical dungeon, complete with rotating rings. I think it might get a little confusing if players and/or the GM don't keep on top of it, but it's still pretty well-executed. And the front cover art is by Erol Otus:


Oh, and before finishing, I just wanted to share something that expressed, through the glorious medium of sound, how I'm feeling after Sunday night.

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