Friday, February 29, 2008

Wait...Is The Eladrin's Name Kurt Wagner?

We're getting all sorts of interesting information from the ongoing D&D Experience out in Virginia, but here's something that stopped me in my tracks.

As you can see, Eladrin can apparently teleport 25 feet once per encounter. As a racial ability.

I've looked at that damn link like five times now, and am still at a loss.

Man, I would break the hell out of an Eladrin rogue.

To review: Elves (at least these (Non-Wood) Elves), whatever name you want to give them, High Elves, Eladrin) can now teleport. I can only surmise, somewhere back in that family tree, Nightcrawler and Arwen got it on.

1 comment:

Amalis said...

Huh, didn't know it was once per encounter. I'm actually playing D&D for the first time ever and I happened to make an Eladrin Rogue.

You would break me? ;-;