Sunday, March 30, 2008

$5 Nebuleon RPG Offer!

As I wrote the other day, my gaming budget is a sad thing. If your usual gamer's monthly gaming budget was represented by, say, the GDP of Norway or Sweden, mine would be somewhere in the neighborhood of Malawi's.

So most months, I pick and scrimp and save what I can, because it seems like there's always something I want, happy as I am with my gaming. I often find freebies and pdf deals, but rarely deadtree book ones (unless you count my forays to Half-Price Books).

But today? Today, one of my favorite sci-fi RPGs, HinterWelt's Nebuleon, is available (print copy, though they throw in the pdf), for only $5. Now, I have a copy, but I plan on picking up at least one more. After my current campaign ends, I'll be jumping into a sci-fi game, and more books to look at for players is always handy. That, my friends, is a good deal on a good roleplaying game. Enjoy.

(Edit: With shipping my order came out to around $10. Just FYI).


Curt said...

I'll take em up on it, for sure.

I really liked Roma Imperious, so I'll give this a whirl.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of an ENnies nod for long-suffering Hinterwelt? :P

-A Concerned Hinterwelt partisan. ;)