Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Free Picket Ship Deckplans (And More Space Goodness)!

Although I'm supremely happy GMing our group's amazingly great Irrin Campaign (thanks to the players, not the GM, I'm sure), I am looking to do a Big Ole' Space Opera game next time out. I want the players to be responsible for the running of a dilapidated, run-down independent space station, borrowing elements from Traveller, Babylon 5, a bit of Firefly, and perhaps a tinge of original Star Wars and Star Trek: DS9. This game might not happen for a while, but I like to plan.

To that end, I was browsing through Your Games Now last night/this morning, and found several free space/sci-fi products of note. The first was Ronin Arts' Future Starship 14: Picket Ship (d20 statted), which is a nice, clean pdf product. I'll definitely be looking at getting more of the series, if my current $0 gaming budget sees an increase soon.

Other freebies I found:

-101 Starship Cargos

-101 Starship Names

-Future: 6 Free Sensor Contacts

I have to say, Your Games Now is growing nicely as a website. They don't yet have the volume of RPGNow, but they have some really great publishers on board, run some good sales, and keep adding features. Nice work.


Rob Lang said...

Thanks for the top free sci fi tips, Zach.

Hate to plug but if you're looking for free Sci Fi, you could check out Icar, my free Sci Fi RPG.

Zachary The First said...

Absolutely, Rob! Icar is one comprehensive free Sci-Fi RPG--I've written about it before, and likely will again.

Rob Lang said...

Thanks, Zach!

I am always looking for feedback, even the cutting and insicive! The joy of releasing something free is that I may update as often as I can without feeling that people who have paid for an earlier version are being given a raw deal. If someone has a reall good point, I'll give it a playtest with my weekly group and throw it in the rules for the next release.

Thanks for the linkage. It helps not only raising awareness but also my ego, the side effect being I strive to produce more!

I do feel slightly cheeky plugging my game but as your readership can download it for free, I try not to get too hung up on that.

Many thanks and keep up the good work,