Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gary Gygax Has Passed Away


I don't have the words right now.

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Anonymous said...

I will miss the times I will "not" be able to share a game with Gary Gygax. But, I count my self lucky I got the chance back at Fan Expo Canada 2006, for two sit downs. One was a Legendary Adventures introduction to the game. I happened to be using an elementalist with all these percentages, and multiples to cast this and that. Overwhelmed I just role-played trying to do whatever I could to get his attention from the other 11 or so players, crammed around a long rectangle table vying for his attention. I won an autographed L.A. book collection with autographs - I rolled a 100 to win them! I felt guilty because of the disappointment in all the other players’ eyes. One other player won the L.A. set he was using for the game! That must have been special, eh! But, my memorable moment was playing the 1stE D&D romp, where he cursed me for pilfering coins from a collection plate, but my gnome had some kind of Luck Chance and so I saved. Oh did his bushy Groucho Marx eyebrows lift at that! And he chuckled at my wins at outwitting him during the challenges of the encounter.

Jovial and willing to listen to all, to a fault, you got to love that quality in someone. And that someone just so happened to be the originating catalyst (in my opinion) of my favourite hobby past time, Dungeons and Dragons.

To have loved the game is to have loved the man! Fare thee well, Mr. Gygax! Wassail! Wassail!! WASSAIL!

From the One and Only, Gravenhurst!