Friday, March 7, 2008

GaryCon Continued

The GaryCon meme really seems to have taken off--I've seen it on a ton of different blogs, message boards, and websites. If you haven't posted it yet, or haven't talked to someone about getting a game together this weekend, hey, there's still time! We still have a few hours until that Friday whistle blows! At work, at school, at the comic book store--you never know who's a gamer, who was a gamer, or perhaps most importantly--might want to try their hand at gaming. By the way, I mentioned a few free games yesterday, my esteemed colleague, The Evil DM, did likewise, with a few different titles.

Hey, I think it'd be great if a million dice clatter together in a symphony this weekend. But so long as you're having fun wherever you're at, making lasting friendships, and just enjoying the heck out of life, I think Gary'd approve.

Personally, I've got this great 5-room mini-dungeon I've been plotting out. (I need a suitable Gygaxian treasure at the end, but I've got awhile to decide on that). If you're looking to do a dungeon crawl, but a mutliple-level dungeon worries you or isn't quite your speed, check out this great article by Johnn Four on Creating 5-Room Dungeons. He makes some great points and gives some excellent advice.

Game On!


Stuart said...

Nice! I need to write an adventure tonight, so this will help. :D

Roy J. said...

Let's do it. My Rules Cyclopedia has been dusted off.

-Roy Johannsen
Long-Time Gamer, Reborn

ChattyDM said...

I celebrated GaryCon with my 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter by playing some D&D super lite.

We had a great hour!

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic!!!

My 9 year-old and I went thru an amazing dungeon that we randomly generated together. He wants to run his dwarf again as soon as he can!

Epic Role Playing said...

Bad ass, Zach!

This is just perfect for a GaryCon dungeon I'm running today.