Friday, March 14, 2008

Lost Traveller Books

Excerpts courtesy of the always-enlightening Traveller Wiki:

Classic Traveller:

From p. 48, Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society (No. 13):

By Christmas, we should have the Traveller Adventure ready, and volumes coming in the 12-24 months include The Traveller Alien, The Traveller Encyclopedia, The Traveller Fleet, and The Traveller Soldier.

Contributor's Note:
The Traveller Adventure was published in 1983. The other volumes mentioned above were not published.



Historical adventuring in the Imperium's past.

Somewhere, ages ago, a squad caught the edges of a devastating radiation blast. Rather than die lonely deaths, its members swore a pact to seek out a cure, then they retired to cold sleep. Every time they awake, they come out in a nexus of history. They are there when the Long Night falls, when the Imperium is founded, when Nicholle is assassinated, when the Civil War ends, and more. They are travellers in time the only way possible forward, ever forward. And their greatest challenge awaits them when they reach the present!

96 pages

Stock Number 0217



5 Desperate Adventures in the Rebellion.

Sourcebook and Adventure Module.

The Rebellion is sweeping the Imperium, and in its wake, it has disrupted the very fabric of Imperial society. Rebels’ Tales is a sourcebook of information about the Rebellion and its effects on the Imperium. Rebels’ Tales provides an opportunity for players to use the information in the sourcebook as they play five desperate scenarios set against the background of the Rebellion.

Coming in November 1990.

96 pages

Stock Number 0220



The proud warrior race.

The Aslan are a young race of intelligent beings, evolving on their own world of Kusyu to spinward of Sol, and their emergence on the interstellar scene has been relatively recent. Proud male Aslan are bent on the possession of land in large quantities, and the ihatai, or second sons, have propelled the race through the stars. Female Asian, typically more business-minded and practical, administer the businesses of the clans, running a huge star-spanning nation known as the Aslan Heirate

48 pages Stock

Number 0254



Complete design rules for robots in the MegaTraveller universe.

The high-tech stellar civilization of the Imperium has been developing the science of robotics for centuries -improving, adapting, modifying robots for all types of tasks. At the lower end of the spectrum are common working robots, capable of carrying out a few routine tasks At the upper end are pseudobiological robots able to imitate human beings almost down to the finest detail. Get robots into your MegaTraveller campaign!

48 pages

Stock Number 0344


Contributor's Note
None of the above books were ever published, as MegaTraveller was superceded by the publication by GDW of Traveller: The New Era.

GURPS Traveller: Imperial Navy A book long on the wish list, and still seen on the list of GURPS Traveller books. A manuscript for this book was written, and went into playtest. Shortly after the playtest was completed, the book was withdrawn for unknown reasons. A second manuscript was written by Martin Dougherty and Neil Frier but never made it past the first draft stage.

Several years later Martin published his manuscript, minus the game rules, as Grand Fleet.

I'd love to see a list of major RPG vaporware through the years.
Rifts: Lemuria, anyone?


James Maliszewski said...

I actually wrote one of the adventures that was going to appear in Rebels Tales, but the book floundered for a number of reasons, both because it was produced almost entirely outside of GDW and because GDW continued to waffle on exactly how they wished to present the Rebellion and what it meant for the Traveller line. All in all, it was a fiasco.

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