Saturday, March 29, 2008

The World of Broadsword

I'm pleased to be able to give a shoutout to my fellow RPG blogger Jeff Mejia (The Evil DM to many of you), who has just released the World of Broadsword, a sword-and-sorcery world to dive right into. If you've picked up Broadsword for the 1PG system, there's new stuff for that system, including bestiary, adventure, and some additional advantages. But there's plenty in here for folks looking for a kickoff point for some S&S gaming, too, including bitchin' use of HexMapper in making the overworld map.

Plus, for $3.95 (same as Broadsword itself), I finally found something that fit in my current gaming budget. Nice art, nice layout (sadly, no table of contents). Really, Jeff, all I ask is completely unrelated to the product, and that's that Wednesdays sees a desperately-needed influx of redheads.


Anonymous said...

I love the author of this blog. He is like totally hot!

The Evil DM said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Zachary. Thanks for the thumbs up!
I will work on the Redheads my friend.

Curtis said...

I would like to echo the call for congratulations AND redheads.

-Curtis :)

PS--I should mentioned I downloaded this over at RPGNow, and thought it was great. I was orginally going to use it with 1PG, but am thinking Savage Worlds now. Hmm...