Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fat Dragon Games Calls Its Shot

Today upon coming home from my work on the outskirts of fabled Indianapolis, I had a package from Fat Dragon Games waiting in my mailbox. Last year, Fat Dragon got a nod for their E-Z Dungeons in the ENnies Miniatures Product category (and took home the silver), and this year they've submitted their DragonTiles--Dungeon Set 1 and Forest Adventures, to be exact.

Perhaps its in my head, but it seems like their products have shown increasing quality since I first became aware of their existence a few years ago. Now, I hate having to buy new ink cartridges and such, but when you look at their tilesets and imagine them gracing your gaming table, I don't know that you can help it.

Crates, treasure chest, floor tiles, trees, bridges, rocks--its all here, and all in impressive detail. The only real drawback I see, as always, is that my models never come out looking quite as nice or tidy as theirs do. Still, most of the pieces are fairly idiot-proof. An interesting addition to this year's nominees, to be sure.

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