Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Two-Fisted Tales

We've been fortunate in the past two years to have a great run of pulp games--Hollow Earth Expedition and Spirit of the Century both have their solid blocks of fans, after all.

This year, enter Two-Fisted Tales. A dark horse? Perhaps, although Precis Intermedia's quality work is well-known to the discerning gamer. All I know is, I haven't put it down since it got here. The GM's section is fantastic. This is a product that has me excited about playing it. Its my feeling we're looking at another top-notch Pulp RPG.

Not a long update I know, but this is blitz time. I've got a lot more to read and run before we're all through here!


The Evil DM said...

Two fisted tales is hardly a newcomer. it's been out for a few years now. In fact this version is a rewrite of the original. I never played it, it is a great read though.

Zachary The First said...

Indeed, it was once a homebrew on the web, as I've been told. But the revised edition is new! (And perhaps most importantly, new to me).

It is a great read--I love RPGs that really inspire and get me jonesing to play. :) Mark of a good RPG, I think.

Alistair said...

Love that game!

I wonder if they have a pdf/print option combo where I could save? I want the print version, but would like the pdf, too--without making two full-size purchases.

Brett Bernstein said...

Hi. The softcover comes with a PDF download when purchased from Precis Intermedia or IPR. Thanks the interest. Glad you liked it, Zachary.