Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend Update

Packages from IPR, Animalball, Green Ronin, and Kenzer all arrived this past week, so as you imagine, I've been pretty busy. To be honest, I was beginning to get a little discouraged in a few of the categories, especially podcasts, where very few thus far submitted have been of the quality one would want in an ENnies submission. But I know there's a lot of good, entertaining podcats out there to round out what we already have, and with a week left for submissions, I can only hope they're on their way. We're definitely seeing a late rush.

Kenzer's Aces & Eights, by the way, is a glorious product, in just about every way. I had already procured a copy earlier on this year, so its a game I was glad to see submitted.

Green Ronin is looking strong again (though perhaps not as diversified as previous years), with the d20 and True20 Freeport Companions and Pirate's Guide To Freeport looking especially good.

IPR's various companies sent the scifi/space opera toolbox and RPG Thousand Suns (which I'm reading right now, and coming away from as quite impressed). Ken Hite's Trail of Cthulhu, Firefly Games' OG, Arc Dream's Monsters & Other Childish Things (I wish we had a category for Best Intro), and the vehicle supplement Engines of War for the Battlelords universe.

Animalball sent Instant Game (free to download here) and a copy of its Animalcast, which is a nice addition to our podcast list.

The judges submitted a very, very long list to the higher-ups in the ENnies as far as whom they should solicit for entries. A lot of companies, big and small, were represented. I'm hoping we see a lot of them show up this week.

In other news, theRPGSite is down right now, but I'm hoping its up in time for us to follow my Indy500 contest in proper thread fashion. Vroom vroom!


Olman Feelyus said...

Great work in making sure everybody gets represented at the ENnies this year, Zach!

Zachary The First said...

Well, my goal is just that as many people as possible are at least contacted about taking their shot. After that, natch, it comes down to product quality, whoever the hell they are. :)