Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gen Con Customer Service & Nearing The Finish Line

Before I do anything, I want to thank the customer service folks at Gen Con. I had a question on a Satruday night that they not only answered in a few hours, but they responded to my follow-up email within minutes. Sometimes we only hear about the bad stuff, but those are some folks who care about what they're doing.

Right now, I'm going through Best Podcast/Fansite, which were combined into one category this year. Our submissions/rankings are due to tonight, and then the ENnies folks will start the tallying on where each of us rated items. Each judge enters a Top 7 (and I will share mine with you once the nominations are released), with #1 being their top pick, #2 being their second pick, and so on. #1 gets x amount of points, #2 gets an amount less than #1, and so on down the line. Five products will be nominated in each category (with one honorable mention), except for Best Product, which will have ten.

So, this while process is new to you and me. As always, I'll keep you posted on how its going, and what I've learned--except for leaking the nominees, I think they might frown on that. But I'll discuss anything and everything else under the sun. Feel free to email with your question as well.

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Anonymous said...

Best podcast/fansite? Ugh. I'm sure they were combined because there weren't enough quality submissions in one or both categories (I'm thinking podcasts is to blame)-- but seriously? How do you compare a podcast versus a fansite? And frankly, given that the final voting is a popularity contest, I think it seriously skews the voting in favor of fansites.

I'm not blaming you, Zach. Just irritated.

-Anonymous Podcaster