Tuesday, June 17, 2008

GSL Out, And My Home Gets A Face Lift

I'm rereading Paradigm Concepts' Year of Ill Harvest tonight for the 3rd time. I have to say, between Witch Hunter (which is not as flashy as its rival Solomon Kane, but feels a little more fleshed out and inspiring) and their Living Arcanis products, I'm pretty impressed with what they've brought to the table this year. I'm pretty comfortable right now with my Top 4-5 choices for Best Adventure product, but Ill Harvest is worth another look, at the very least...

So, the big news today was the release from Wizards of the Coast of the Game System License, or GSL (direct pdf link). Click here for the bread n' butter of the thing, and here's the System Reference Document itself (pdf link), which is basically a large index of what can be used, but does not include rules or descriptions themselves. And the module and supplement mill/race begins!

Also, TheRPGSite has gotten a facelift. My compliments and thanks to everyone involved, especially Brett! I will not miss the purple n' yellow--this new theme/color scheme/layout gives us one great-looking message board. Stop by and give it a look. And if you register, say howdy.

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