Saturday, June 21, 2008

Moot is Moot?; A New Space Map

Another year has gone by, again last night I subscribed to a year of the Imperial Moot (link may not work for all). Its funny--I really don't have $12 to spare, and it's not like the Moor forums are that active, but I don't know--as many great ideas as I get from primarily lurking about on the Citizens of the Imperium boards, its a gaming purchase I'm fine with. So even thought most of the "benefits" of subscriptions (mainly enhancements to the CotI forums) don't do much for me, in the end, I'm happy to part with my 10plus2 to support it. And hey, I get to be a Peer of the Realm in the process, so that's something.

In other sci-fi/space gaming-related stuff, with judging/reading ENnies products just about completed, I'm currently working on a project for my next campaign (slated to start in December when my current fantasy campaign ends). I'm making a rather large star map for a Marches area, somewhat Traveller-esque in style. Just for fun, I'll be doing it start-to-finish with Paint.NET (I was going to do it just in MS Paint, but wanted some layering/transparency capability). I think the final look will be not crude, but basic, functional, and more than a little old-school. I ended up altering this hex map from this Star Fleet Battles site for use as a base template. It'll be an off-again, on-again product, but I'm excited about it.

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