Saturday, June 7, 2008

Two-Fisted Tales Actual Play

Our last session of Two-Fisted Tales went off without a hitch. We played at a less gritty level, somewhat cartoony, definitely not serious, and things went beautifully. To make it short, here's a series of events:

1) Players travel on zeppelin to Malagasy pirate shipwreck off the coast of Dinosaur Island (to recover the Jade Monkey, of course).
2) The surviving pirates have become the hired muscle/semi-prisoners for the Nazis on the island, who are trying to domesticate wild dinosaurs to be used in battle for the Third Reich.
3) The beastly villains capture our heroes, and are going to feed them to the dinosaurs for entertainment, a plan foiled by a clever use of a sonic wrist watch and reinforcements by way of a guy in a stolen rocketpack.
4) A big fight happens, with a tremendous amount of Nazis jaws being socked.
5) The good guys are about to win when Sky Pirates from the Ape Empire buzz in and use the Hypnotic Radio Transmitter to bend the bad guys to their will. More fighting, worse odds.
6) Our whiskey-breath, rundown private detective fired his 1911 Colt on an impossible shot, destroying the Hypnotic Radio Transmitter before it could be turned against the dinos.
7) The Ape Commander cursed our heroes' names, and went back to their secret jungle lair.
8) Dinosaur Island again is a haven for these relics of Earth's past....

...But For How Long?

I don't claim to be a pulp expert or purist (obviously) by any stretch of the imagination, and clearly we had a lot of silly stuff going on. But I was impressed with the ideas and inspiration of the GM's section, the very easy learning curve (with these players, that's saying something), and tight and quick resolution was. The character Archetypes, Schticks, and background options got things moving quickly, and still allowed for that all-important degree of customization. I'm looking forward to running something a bit grittier next time out--the system certainly seems in reading that it would scale just fine.

I know many folks out there have latched onto Spirit of the Century or Hollow Earth Expedition (Secrets of the Surface World=Awesomeness, by the way), but in my estimation, Two-Fisted Tales also deserves a spot at the pulp podium.

I have no qualms in saying I am as fond of this game as any product I've seen thus far. We'll see how the other judges feel.


Zachary The First said...

That sounds like so much fun! I'll definitely take a look at getting this come payday (add it to the list--this is a bad time of year for the paycheck). PDF or Print, or both? :)

Olman Feelyus said...

But how did you play the game if you didn't have the book?