Monday, July 14, 2008

2009 ENnies Judge Nominee Questions

The ENnies selection process starts with the selection of judges. These individuals are responsible for choosing the products that will be the nominees and honorable mentions of the next year's awards.

Judge nominations are around the corner, and part of the voting/nomination process for judges consists of a Q&A session, in which the judges respond to a standard array of questions put to all the nominees. If you've got one you'd like to ask, you can join this thread in progress here.

I cannot stress enough--grill the judge nominees for next year--including me. Put 'em through the ringer for the honor and privilege of that great trust. And take the time to read their responses when they come out. Publishers and writers trust their "babies"--their work, their time, their money--to this process, and they deserve the damned best we can offer.

If you don't feel like doing that, wait till they announce their candidacy, then snipe 'em with it on some public message board.

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