Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Few Ground Rules...

...I was going to write about the recent GSL rebellion (Kalamar 4e, anyone?) but since the ENnies are out tomorrow and we should have some traffic, I wanted to mention a few things:

1) I expect the ENnies announcement will come out sometime over the course of the day tomorrow. I will be at work until about 6:30 Eastern time, then I need to spend some time with the kids, etc. I will be online tomorrow night, and will peruse all the forums, boards, announcements, flame wars, and rants at that time. If you see a discussion you feel could use my input, leave a comment or shoot me an email! Heck, if you have a question, let me know! I'm all about being as accessible as possible!

2) Some of the judges are not comfortable facing the onslaught of commentary and unfortunate nastiness that generally seem to accompany the announcement of, well, anything in our hobby. That is their call. I'm willing to discuss anything under the sun, but please keep in mind that I need to respect the other judges' privacy (so know, I can't tell you what their vote sheet looked like, numbers 1 through 5). If they want to share, they'll share. I'll discuss as far as the nice ENnies folks will allow, and if I'm elected again next year, will push to make that discussion go even further.

3) Please don't ask me to say anything really not nice about a product. I get it--you'll be less than happy with some of the nominees or folks who missed the cut. Hey, I've got products I liked that missed out, too. I'm just asking you to remember whatever you or I think of a product, that's someone's baby. And as fairly and impartially as it needs to be judged for the awards, I'm not going to go off on how much I hated Game X or Podcast Y.

4) Stand by for more commentary as reactions for the awards nominations and reactions to the same unfold. And, as I said, if you see something I don't, keep me posted! I am to be as public and accessible as possible--that's what you guys elected me on, and that's what you're gonna get.


Rob Lang said...

You're a brave man, sir. Embarking on a very difficult time ahead with head held high. I'll be reading the reactions with much interest. I do hope you experience over the next few weeks isn't going to taint your enthusiasm for the hobby. We need good people who are willing to share and stand up for what they believe in!

Good luck.

jakester said...

Here we go!