Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just a few...more...steps...

OK, so we're close now. We have a final list of adjustments/changes to vote on, and that's it. If this final lists goes through unamended, I'll be pretty happy--yeah, not everything I wanted is in there, but more than I'd hoped at this time a few days ago. Thanks to the ENnies members who've been willing--very willing--to hash things out. Its a good feeling to know this is almost done.

I've heard results may not be announced until Thursday, as a few days might be needed to get the technical side of things tidied up. I'll let you know when I have the definitive word.

And I will say this: I may not agree with all the decisions the other judges have made, but never doubt that they and the top of the ENnies food chain really do want to make the right calls and have the best lists possible. We may disagree sometimes on how that should come about, but the sincere hope and intent for the best nominees and awards possible is definitely there. And they ARE interested in your opinions and suggestions. This should be a fun, engaging celebration and discussion of the best of our hobby. You can help that by holding judges accountable, really, really reading and questioning the judge nominees' Q&A answers to ensure involved, conscientious judges become elected, and to encourage the widest ease of entry and accessibility for all publishers. These are your awards, too, or as much as you wish them to be.

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The Chatty DM said...

Now that the voting is over I can come of of lurking and start commenting!

The wait is killing me!!!!!

Thanks to you and all Ennies judge for all the hard work!

Thursday I'll know if I have to wear a shirt on Friday Night or kill PCs in Nicolas Logue's 126 player Drow Mega adventure.

Hmmm, maybe wearing a shirt at the game would be appropriate too.

Either way is a win/win for me!