Monday, July 28, 2008

More ENnies Thoughts

So the ENnies voting is in full swing. There's plenty to keep track of this year, if you're preparing to or finishing up your ballot, and looking to stay busy:

-Summer Revolution: How well will the indie and small press games do this year? Is there a dark horse in the running out there? Last year, Spirit of the Century scored a Silver ENnie--can anyone improve upon that this year? Watch for a groundswell or break for one or two particular products.

-WotC: On a day where Wizards of the Coast announces Gleemax is shutting down, they still stand toe to toe and look to flex their muscle against other multi-nomination giants like White Wolf, Green Ronin, and Paizo. There is a vocal contingent who believes Wizards of the Coast will sweep every category they are nominated in, due to the size of their fan base. We'll have to see how it plays out.

-Watch the fan forums: A lot of push comes from the fan communities--not just company-specific boards, but places like RPGnet and ENWorld, and online social networking communities. This is where a lot of the rumble will come from--"Sell Me' threads, increased discussion about certain games, product questions, publishers stumping and answering questions about their games. A savvy watcher can likely spot a product with some momentum from this.

-Judge Nominations: Right now, with the nomination deadline having expired, there are ten judge nominees for the 2009 ENnies for 5 spots. Looks like a strong field. (Yeah, I'm in there. I'll get on the stump next week, but needless to say I'd be honored to have your support). Take the time to read the judge's Q&As--there's definitely some differing experiences and viewpoints in there, and its worth seeing whose philosophy lines up the closest to your own (even if it isn't me).

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