Sunday, July 6, 2008

Still At It....

Aaaaand you guessed it. Final votes still being tallied. And me liking a product is still the kiss of death for it about 50% of the time. Its been a weird mix of happiness for some of the companies and products that made it or squeaked in, and total frustration at seeing products that were in my Top 5 overall just crash n' burn. I thought I was a pretty good judge of what constitutes gaming quality, and I felt pretty well-informed about the nominees after playtesting almost 95% of the RPGs and games we had submitted (and did multiple read-throughs on the others).

Now, don't get me wrong--we are having wonderful products nominated all over the place. I'm just wishing there was a little bit more of the wonderfulness I picked out there, is all. Irs late, and I need to go to bed--things will no doubt be clearer at some point tomorrow.


Jakester said...

M'man, this is going to kill you. Take it easy, and just realize the ENnies have a built-in bias towards Green Ronin, WotC, and White Wolf. :) (OK, so they happen to make good products, but they also seem to get some chancy stuff in there each year--GR and WW, anyhow).

As a (small-press/indie) publisher who's been reading this, I have little confidence in the ENnies awards system, despite the efforts of guys like you to be open and communicative. It always seemed like an "old boys club" to me, and some of their stuff in the past is sort of murky. I've heard there's been issues in the past with judges not even downloading products they were supposed to get or for not registering software--and that's from a FORMER entrant.

Bottom line is, they can have judges like you, but until they change their culture, there's going to be publishers that think its crap, and its gonna drive good guys like you crazy. But if you want to fight that fight, don't give up. Hey, I'd vote for you. :P

Rowdy said...

You're doing fine, Zack. Your concern at doing a good job speaks well of you. :) Here's hopin'!

It'll all be fine!

Zachary The First said...

@ jakester: Hey man, thanks for posting, but I can say this: Denise @ the ENnies makes damned sure each product is downloaded and reigstered as needed. I will staunchly vouch for that.

Hey, I mean, you might not like the end results--hell, I might be bummed a few things didn't get in.

The only thing I can tell you is when voting for judges, look at how much effort they put into answering their Q&A nominee questions, and to hold them accountable.

Zachary The First said...

And whether or not I agree with some of their picks, the other judges want to do a good job, too. Don't doubt the good intentions there by any means.

And jakester, I think you might be surprised between what you expect and what you get, if you really take time to look. But we'll see. Small companies make great products, and so do large companies. Anyone voting for a product because of the label and not the quality is cracked.

Jakester said...

Well, we'll see. All I know is with how many amazing products are out there, I'd really like to see a large pool of nominees reflecting that.

And I'm sorry--I didn't mean to offend. I'm just going off what I've heard and observed. I don't doubt the sincerity of the judges--just sometimes their execution. Its a big load.