Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ENnies: Hurry Up and Vote/A Question For The Nominees

Sorry for the slight delay between posts--I've been doing well just to drag my sickly posterior to work, and then we had a storm last night that knocked out cable and internet for a sizable area around here. Beautiful storm, though--buckets of sweeping rain, continual lightning throwing everything in this bluish hue, and rumbling (not earsplitting) thunder. We only get to see so many of those storms in our lifetime--more, I imagine, if we live in the Pacific Northwest.

While I'm up, I wanted to mention that the ENnies product voting runs through tomorrow. So if you haven't voted yet, get out there and do so. I haven't really felt the flurry I felt last year for the Summer Revolution, but perhaps that's just my vantage point. Fred Hicks might have a totally different perspective. I guess we'll see soon enough. Does anyone have a dark horse they're backing?

I'm also curious overall how much stumping some companies have done--it seems like some have been more active than others. If you're out there, nominees, how much stumping did you do? Mention it in a press release? Pimp it on a message board? Solicit your gaming group(s)? I'm curious how much you put into the, shall we say, "voter education" effort. I'd like to get some comments/feedback here that give an overview of the different attitudes and methods at work in getting out the vote for your ENnies-nominated product. So please, comment away!

Don't forget, once the product voting ends, the judge voting begins! So that's a whole new round of discussions to be had!

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