Monday, August 11, 2008

ENnies Judge Nominations Open (And I'm Running!)

So the ENnies Judge Voting for 2009 is up, and I'm hoping to be honored by your support for one more year. As I did with my threads on various sites and my work on RPG Blog II, I can promise you that I'll be a voice for accountability, honesty, and good communication for the whole process. I'll need a big, grassroots-style push from everyone I can to have a chance to win, so if you do wish to support me and want to blog it, put it in a sig, or give me an endorsement on the other board, I thank you for helping in giving me a chance to contribute to something that I think can be a positive, fun activity for this hobby. I hope you've enjoyed the work I've done so far, and help me continue in being open and direct with the entire awards process.

Above all, I hope you take the time to read about all the candidates, and make the decision you feel is best. I know we have other candidates on there who sometimes grace this blog, and I hope I get to serve with them. Bottom line, I want to be your elected judge, your point of contact for the ENnies when you have questions, and someone who fights to keep what's working and fix what isn't--and recognize some truly wonderful, deserving gaming products, with an eye towards making sure every product, big and small, gets the best look possible.

So, I guess that's my stump time. Thanks, guys, and I'm looking forward to liveblogging Gen Con for you this week.


Tony Law said...

I voted for you. :)

DaveMan said...


Er--for you! :)

Anonymous said...

Followed here from the blogger network (Critical Hits fan). And voted for you, sir!