Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ENnies Update, 8-26

I just wanted to let everyone know judges' discussion has started on our initial round of product we received for ENnies consideration for '09. I'm really looking forward to some good conversation, good meaty discussion, and a lot of healthy debate (which hopefully this year will not include me threatening to take a shiv to any judge refusing to acknowledge the greatness of Two-Fisted Tales).

I also wanted to let you know I'm hoping we'll have some exciting news and updates for you regarding the ENnies very shortly. For right now, I want you to know that we're working on ways to make the awards even better and more exciting, to maximize participation, and to ensure publisher confidence. Keep it tuned here, and I'll let you know whenever there's an update.

Podcasters, get those kickass post-Gen Con review shows going. I've got a lot of yard work to do, and need plenty to listen to.


ChattyDM said...

I hope they seperate Blogs from fan Sites and Free adventures! I currently want to submit one thing in each category and I don't want to run against myself!


Zachary The First said...

lol...I actually had the same idea, but I'm not sure it'll happen this year. We'll have to see, but you may not get to be a "triple threat" this year. :)

Animalball Brasky said...

Our Ennies show is coming out today or tomorrow (9/6/08) with our recap of how it went, everything we like about Gertie and what we think should be done in the future-- including a call to podcasters to submit their shit.