Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Gen Con Indy Scavenger Hunt

My most recent gaming group is by and large made up of folks who haven't a lot of exposure to many of the smaller-press gaming companies out there who are doing such great work. Several of them, despite growing up in Central Indiana, have not previously attended Gen Con. So, in chatting with them, we came up with the idea of a scavenger hunt. They get to see some new things, get to visit some booths & companies I think might otherwise get passed over, and if they manage to finish the hunt, they get a special in-game item for our Labor Day campaign arc grand finale.

In addition to the scavenger hunt (delivered in a separate sealed envelope for each player, not to be opened until Gen Con), each envelope has the name of a game and a hint on how to find the game in the dealer hall. I made each title I was one I was sure they hadn't heard of: Hellas, StarSiege, Obsidian--and so on from there. I'm really excited if they manage to find the game title that was in noted in their envelope.

So, here's the list. I wish I could have listed more, but don't worry--I'll have plenty more recommendations for them:

Zachary the First’s Gen Con Indy 2008 Scavenger Hunt

1) Palladium Books (Booth 501)

Have Jason Richards or Kevin Siembieda sign this paper. Look out for Jason Richards impostors. Hang out and play some games!


2) Wizards of the Coast (2638)


  1. Get a date for when the virtual tabletop will be a go:____________________________


  1. Find out from a learned booth employee in what ways Wizards of the Coast are different from Necromancers of the Interior. Essay room on back as needed.

3) Dark Matter Studios (506)

Have Kent or Chris run a quick demo for you (tell them Zack sent you!). Get a signature! Get into a longer game if you can!


4) Gamescience (1815)

Have Colonel Lou tell you why Gamescience dice are superior to all other dice. Write a one sentence summary (if possible) here:_______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

5) Indie Press Revolution (1939)

Time to try something different! Play 3 demos here—any 3 games of your choosing!

Game 1:______________________ GM/Demo Person Sig:_____________________________

Game 2:______________________ GM/Demo Person Sig:_____________________________

Game 3:______________________ GM/Demo Person Sig:_____________________________

6) Paizo (2221)

Get a rundown of all the factions of Pathfinder Society. List your early favorite:_____________

(Check for open spots for Pathfinder!)

7) Play Collective/Ashcan Front (2039)

Get the rundown for someone at the booth on a game you’re unfamiliar with. Give title, author description. Demo if you can!

Game:_______________________ Author:________________________________________

(Brief) Synopsis:______________________________________________________________

8) Out of the Box (1439)

Demo a new game!

Game:______________________ Designer:______________________________________

9) Iron Crown Enterprises (504)

Name 3 different game lines or systems Iron Crown currently sells:




10) Kenzer (2201)

Part A: Name Kenzer’s first non-GSL, D&D 4e-compatible pdf product:______________________

Part B: Get a demo or overview of Aces & Eights. If not, procure some Aces & Eights swag or souvenir.

11) Troll Lord Games (615)

Find and list 3 products with Gary Gygax’s name on them, including the most recent release:




12) Mind Storm Labs (2107)

Talk to someone at the booth about Alpha Omega.

a) What is the page count for this RPG?

b) What is the name of their free downloadable adventure?

13) Dwarven Forge (1221)

What is their most recent release?_________________________________________________________

14) GPA Showcase (402)

Get a demo of one product here.

Game:______________________________ GM/Demo Person:________________________________

15) Cubicle 7 (1236)

-List the name of their most recent sci-fi RPG:_______________________________________________

-Get a system overview. What system does this product use? ___________________________________

-What’s the name of one of the upcoming RPGs they’re working on? _____________________________

16) Reaper (1521)

Find the following miniatures. Record catalog numbers:

-A fierce-looking gnome: ______________________________________________

-A dual-wielding barbarian: ____________________________________________

-A foppish-looking noble-type: _________________________________________

17) Goodman Games (2535)

Look at stuff. Also, please list who wrote Goodman’s Points of Light setting: ___________________________________________________________________________________

18) Miniature Building Authority (1327)

What is their most expensive item for sale at this year’s Gen Con? _______________________________

19) Catalyst/Iron Wind (1303/1307)

Play in a short demo of CthulhuTech.

Game Time/Date:________________ GM Signature:_________________________________________

20) Fat Dragon Games (1417)

Get a good tip for getting the most out of your cardstock terrain: ________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

21) North Star Games (1535)

Play in, and participate in, every last event & demo they have at this booth.

Time Completed:_____________________ Booth Rep Signature:____________________________


Ed Greenwood must sign your sheet, complete with a quote from one of his selected literary works.

ED SIGNS HERE:________________________________________________________________

(Note: If Ed Greenwood absolutely, positively cannot be found, then you must discover, sit through, and provide a report of the seminar of your choosing, in full paragraph form).


Dave The Game said...

"Have Colonel Lou tell you why Gamescience dice are superior to all other dice. "

If my past dealings with the Colonel are any indication, this could be the most time consuming item on the list.

DaveMan said...

Great post! Sounds like an awful lt of fun without being too confrontational or awkward. I'll have to bring this idea up to my gaming group!

ChattyDM said...

Now I know where to get my new set of dice!

Cthulhu's Librarian said...

Damn, #4 is just EVIL...