Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rifts Movie Greenlight?

Thanks to reader Tom B. (Tom Bosley, is that you?) for the nudge on this one. It seems that according to a ICv2 article, there's going to be a decision coming up on whether to go forward with the latest script version for a Rifts film. Best of luck to all involved. I don't know how much of an impact even a moderately-successful Rifts movie might have for Palladium's sales, but I do know a properly-done Rifts movie could kick a tremendous amount of butt. FYI, here's the writer's creds on IMDB.


Josh said...

I know it has been a while since you posted this, but I just noticed it.

A Rifts film has a lot of potential to put Palladium Books in the spotlight... either as a great gaming company or a laughing stock.

If this goes through, I hope it isn't a letdown.

Anonymous said...

im a big fan of the books and table-top rpg. if you have read the books or played the game you probaly have the same thought as me. why the hell would they let disney make the movie? i dont think they can bring rifts to the fullest potienal. im still waiting to see, but its probaly best to made in a game instead and one name comes to mind Bethseda Works you know, elder scrolls iii & iv, and fallout 3. it would be nice.

Anonymous said...

ive played the game since it came out and they did have a video game for the old ngage system. the ngage was a hopped up cellphone. the idea for a movie has been in plans since 94 so for them to have script after script in the works being approved by palladium if its done right like the books it will be killer if its a hacked up version like d&d movie ill be dissapointed and probbly kill palladium as people will laugh but if its good it will bring the game back to the light...i would love to see a juicer,leyline walker or a glitterboy on the screen the scenes of the rifts from the descriptions like st louis's gate being a rift would just make the movie the better

Anonymous said...

I've been playing RIFTS for more than a few years, and I've also seen what Hollyweird can do to adaptations. I'm seriously hoping this current writer, Rawson Marshall Thurber (on strike as of last check), will do justice to a game that has almost literally infinite possibilities for different characters to follow. Above all, I don't want to see this become some mindless FX movie with no plot or storyline. That would kill it quicker than a bad actor in the lead. I refer to Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3 for evidence.

(Personally, I'd love to see a battle between the Coalition and Atlantis forces. Or maybe A.R.C.H.I.E.'s forces. *evil laugh*)

Anonymous said...

"Disney' owns the rights to the rifts movie but not neccesarily will it be 'Disney' that gets slapped on the movie check out who disney owns..
Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group

* Walt Disney Pictures
* Walt Disney Animation Studios
* Pixar Animation Studios
* Disneynature
* Touchstone Pictures
* Hollywood Pictures
* Miramax Films

Anonymous said...

the movie should be produced the same way that Beowolfe was almost totaly C.G. then choose great actors for the faces and voices and it must be rated R 100% blood and guts giant killer battles.please no luvy,duvy crap and bad story lines. make sure to incorporate 1st person battle scenes great for imax films. ''cant wait to see the film anyway please no hackman jobs''
P.S good sound tracks always help

Dogboy said...

If Disney should make this film it will be a complete bum rush bummer as far as plot and story.
Hollyweird has a way of bastardizing every good book or idea to fulfill diversity quotas, merchandising and typical shtick.
This movie should go the route of Peter Jackson, epic proportion, story and away from the Hollyweird deathtrap.
Rifts is a beautiful sound work of art with deep story, I own all the books and have been a fan of Palladium books since the original TMNT.
PLEASE PLEASE stay true Palladium, Dont sell out your loyal fans.

Chris said...

I hope this project is carried out. I've been waiting a long time since they announced the possibility to hear confirmation of the project. For anyone interested in seeing this movie, please write the producers and urge them to make this movie, and make it well. Sci-fi is hot right how [appeal to their wallets :)]and we would pay money to see it. BTW, I hope they shoot it in 3D IMAX!

Anonymous said...

to be honest when will it come out because there are a movie and rpg computer game with the name it's bullshit rift the game yeah thts not copyright oh yeah to make it u should start out from the dark age then make the stroy yourself my opion is put a put about 6 characters wanted by the coaltion