Wednesday, August 27, 2008

RPG Bloggers Unite!

I just wanted to give a quick thank you to the folks at the RPG Bloggers Network. Since joining, not only have I seen an increase in traffic, but as I've statede before, I've found some excellent discussion on some blogs I otherwise may not have frequented. Checking the network feed has been giving me a great pick-and-choose daily dose of craft talk, old-school revival, GM tips, recent reviews, and table talk. They're responsive on the technical and administrative side of things, interested in the social networking side of the endeavor, and I'm excited to see where they head from here.

Make no mistake: I love visiting the message boards I frequent, but I find that the quality of writing and coverage on gaming blogs continues to skyrocket. A lot of discussion you won't find anywhere else goes on in gaming blogs; a lot of interesting issues get treatment they might not otherwise get, and there's event and convention coverage galore! Obviously, the format has its own challenges, but a lot of the good conversation and articles in our hobby are out there now on some blogs. From Grongnardia to Jeff's Gameblog to the ChattyDM, I firmly believe there's a gaming blog out there for everyone.

I do hope this network continues to grow, that folks continue to read, and that the doubters take a peek to see just what a high level of excellence many of these blogs have attained. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I think more and more important discourse, interviews, discussion, and coverage of the hobby will continue to gravitate to the RPG blogging community as they refine and hone their craft (and hopefully avoid the "edition wars" that have really shaken some of more prominent RPG forums out there). The RPG Bloggers Network shows how much talent is out there, and just what it may be capable of.


ChattyDM said...

Nice, very nice.

I too am impressed at the quality of the blogs that joined the network and I feel some sort of friendly pressure for bloggers to get better.

I know for a fact that game designers are moving away from forum because of a serious lack in constructive discourse and rampant hate mongering.

I'm not saying that all RPG blogs are better, but the community that currently gravitates around our combined blogs are pretty darn decent, interesting and polite.

I hope it lasts.

Zachary The First said...

Well, if it DOES last, folks have the opportunity to build something really impressive. Let's hope so!

Stargazer said...

The RPG Bloggers Network is already pretty impressive. Usually as a blogger you have a long time where nobody knows your blog, you have no readers and nobody comments on your posts. This is very frustrating and a lot of blogger lose interest at this point. If you're lucky enough someone stumbles upon your blog, tells his friends or links to you from his blog.
With the network you get attention from day one. As soon as I joined people started reading and commenting my posts. I get advice and can improve my blogging. I can confirm that we have some very good discussions all over the network and everyone is very polite and helpful. In light of this success story the fail of Wizards' Gleemax is even more epic than before.

Zachary The First said...

Well, one of the big issues with Gleemax was that they wanted you to use *THEIR* crappy software to do the whole social thing. With a network of *this* sort, you're employing and taking advantage of excellent software/websites already out there for that purpose. And it shows.

Bartoneus said...

You probably have no idea how happy it makes me to read things like this, and things like Stargazer's comment. We're extremely pleased with how things are going so far, and hope that it only continues to grow!

Stargazer said...

@Zachary: using someone else's software is not always bad BUT using crappy software is. Wizards has shown us that they lack the skills to pull something like this off. I fear DDI will also go the way of the Dodo. But I agree that the RPG Blogger Network concept is much better. Everyone uses the software he likes and the network site just uses the RSS feeds.

@bartoneus: I am glad that I could make you happy with my comment. If you wish, you can use it in the "testimonials" section of the network's site. By the way, what do I have to do to get an article "featured"?

Dave The Game said...

Zach: Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for being a part of the network! I'm really happy to have you, both because of your writing and to get someone multiclassed in Blogger/Forum-goer, especially someone who can represent us at the Ennies.

Stargazer: I added a quote (and a quote from Zach's post) to testimonials. And the Featured posts are selected by the Board of Directors when they see something they think should be featured.

Zachary The First said...


Thanks for your comments, and I'm happy to be aboard. I'm honored to be in the company of such excellent writers and gamers, and firmly believe it helps *me* become a better writer and gamer.