Saturday, September 20, 2008

d20 Mass Combat

I've tried several d20 mass combat systems, to include those of The Black Company (ok) and Conan (not so ok, but here's the direct pdf link). However, I have to say I'm pretty please with the efforts of the excellent homebrew site Farland World. Their mass combat rules cover a lot of ground without being nitpicky, and there's even a link to a small program which makes it super-easy. I'm working on trying it out with Pathfinder.

So, inquiring minds want to know--what do you use for mass combats? A homebrew system? An older D&D rules supplement? One of the items I've mentioned? Do you skew towards the detailed, abstract, or somewhere in-between? Let's hear it!


47 said...

I tried using the rules inside the Miniatures Handbook. It was a complete failure.

I ended up using a custom take on swarm rules, which proved to be simple yet sufficiently powerful for me needs.

DNAphil said...

I liked Eden Studio's Fields of Blood. It is more than just Mass Combat, it has a pretty nice mechanic for realm building. But you can split the two if you just need Mass Combat rules.

Scott said...

I liked the late-3.5 supplement Heroes of Battle. Basically, you figure out how the battle would go if the PCs weren't there, and then you take their actual accomplishment into account -- the more successful they are, the better their side does as a result.

It's not really a "mass combat system," but it works very well. There are some fairly elegant ideas for figuring out how well the PCs are doing.

Roy said...

I didn't have a problem with Heroes of Battle, but I didn't really do large-scale to speak of.

I obtained a copy of Alderac's War a while back, but never really did anything with it. Those Farland rules look like they're up my alley, though. Bookmarked (Funnily enough, I'm going with Pathfinder, too)!

Farland said...

Glad you are enjoying are mass combat system!