Friday, September 26, 2008

Greyhawk Day #4: Going Wayback

One thing that makes me alternately sad and thrilled is when I use the Wayback Machine to try to recover Greyhawk material no longer actively online. On one hand, I'm bummed because it these items are no longer easily accessible or at least visible, but on the other hand, its like going on a treasure hunt.

Here's an example of a few I've found:

History of Oerth

Copyright 1997

List of Greyhawk Mini Figs

Temple of Elemental Evil PC Site

Old AOL page (some articles from the Masters linked here)

Product Reviews

An Old Campaign Homepage

Greyhawk Heraldry

Using the Wayback Machine is not only fun, but can be an amusing look back at what folks thought about the hobby, circa 1995-2000. We have agonizing over TSR pulling support for Greyhawk, rejoicing at it coming back, bitter partisanship over changes and pigeonholing for Living Greyhawk/3e, and everything else we've come to enjoy in this fine hobby.

The Wayback Machine is sort of like a dungeon delve, isn't it? Maybe that's why I enjoy it so much.


Anonymous said...

As someone who is just getting into Greyhawk, I think your Friday posts are really great. They've made me aware of some sites and resources I didn't have prior. Cheers!

Zachary The First said...

Hey, thanks buddy. That makes it all worthwhile. :)

Joseph said...

I actually did a commentary of those Minifigs figures a while back. They're actually quite illuminating in and of themselves as to bits of Greyhawk lore.

Those damn cavemen in the Cairn Hills still baffle me, though...