Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Indie Gaming Scene

RPG Pundit just posted a flashback link to the old Indie Gaming Scene blog, which is the fake site of a die-hard, elitist indie RPG adherent and advocate, and which still makes me laugh. I love a lot of small-press games, but nowadays, when people are still divisive with the hobby, they don't even try to be funny about it. I personally enjoy this bit:

Anyhow, I’m helping him playtest his game Limbo Fever, which is all about the choices contestants in a dance competition face; basically, it all comes down to the question “how low can you go?”. We’re also using it to explore some heavy personal stuff. There was a moment where my Venezuelan limbo king dealt with his alternative sexuality, which was really a powerful moment at our table. I didn’t see the game going that way, but the Professor threw it in there.

Now, I love many of the people and games out there at Story Games with a passion, but you have to admit, it wouldn't sound out of place there or at the Forge. If we can't laugh at ourselves and others, we need to remember what it is we're doing in this hobby.

I think we've seen all sorts of gamers can be pretty narrow-minded when it comes to their favorite games--even Cornell Richardson.


Anonymous said...

That bit you quoted isn't "laughing at ourselves" though. It's "laughing at them" where them is people who explore emotions or issues in play. It's dripping with scorn, and you're trying to paint it up like it's "having a sense of humor about our hobby." It isn't. It's the sort of narrow-mindedness you seem to be taking issue with.

Zachary The First said...

@ anon: Lighten up. I play a lot of games that explore emotions or issues, and a lot of "indie games". Hell, I'm a member of Story Games. But folks who play the most traditional or avant-garde games on earth can still get stuffy about it sometimes, and blow things out of proportion. For that matter, it might as well be a lampooning of the perceptions of indie gaming. I guess you take it more seriously than I do, and that's fine, I guess.

Randy said...

Hey, I laughed, and I'm a proud StoryGamer! Its so over-the-top and the characters are so condescending and one-true-wayist as to make me laugh. Too many goddamn people want to think of things as a Movement, instead of a hobby. Not that you can't, but a "Movement" attitude wears quickly. Self-important pronouncements--great stuff.