Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh yeah, the ENnies.

Sorry if I haven't posted much on the ENnies yet. There's a lot in the first wave to digest, and I've been distracted by a) a bad back, b) some craziness at work, and c) the fact that the ENnies folks are still working on sorting out this year's categories and guidelines. My hope remains that any adjustments will leave the awards more open and representative of the hobby as a whole, but we'll see where things end up. I'm really happy we have the separate submissions coordinator this year, which should help with some of the snafus of years past. I know we all do our best to ensure nothing's missed, but a dedicated pair of eyes should really boost the Quality Control rating of the entire process.

In the I'm teeing up to give 3:16 another go, after a poor demo at Gen Con. I'm really hoping that a few answers I've received online regardingly gameplay and the like will change this from the mindless, loosey-goosey gameplay I experienced last time out. A lot of folks really seem to dig this, and I of course need to give it every shot I can. The interior production on 3:16 are really nicely evocative and well done--let's hope the next Actual Play comes out the same!

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Roy said...

*snort* Like to be a fly on that wall.