Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quick 6: My Favorite Rifts Worldbooks Of All Time

I am an old fan of Rifts, which I realize immediately makes me suspect among certain circles. Be that as it may, I can't help but love the kitchen-sink, over-italicized awesomeness that is Rifts.

Time for another episode of Quick 6! Here's a short list of my 6 favorite Rifts Worldbooks--no Sourcebooks, Dimension Books, or anything else, just those loveable Worldbooks. I will also be listing a relative, all-important Gun Porn Rating, ostensibly on a scale of 1-10. Let's count them down:

1) New West: Oh my goodness. Awesome classes like the Psi-Slinger, Gunfighter, and Lawman. The Gunfighter is likely my favorite, just for the sheer amount of firepower he brings to the table. Also does a nice job of supplying a western-themed product for the Rifts setting--from old-style laser pistols to cowboy-themed power armor. All that's missing is the Texas chili (and it isn't in Rifts: Lone Star, either).
Gun Porn Rating: 9/10.

2) Warlords of Russia: This book is one of the heaviest on cybernetics, and many of the designs bring to mind Soviet Union military design--heavy, awkward, and bulky, but effective and deadly.
Gun Porn Rating: 8.5/10 (with a 100/10 for Cyborg Porn).

3) Vampire Kingdoms: The first Rifts World Book, and still one of the best. It perfectly captures the early, sparsely-populated North America of Rifts Earth. Great descriptions on what lies south of the border, and fantastic hooks for the various Vampire and monster powers that lie that way (as well as a good job of providing some lonely human outposts here and there).
Gun Porn Rating: 1/10 (unless you like squirt guns and water cannons--Vampires don't).

4) Triax and the NGR: A wonderful description of central Europe and remnant of Germany, Triax is often considered the last The weaponry and robotics in this book is uniformly excellent, but the vehicles stole the show for me (but what's with the tiny little platform with the giant missle on it? Who thought that through? What happens to the crew when it launches?). There's plenty of New German Republic classes, and a great enemy to fight in the Gargoyles.
Gun Porn Rating: A respectable, efficient 8/10.

5) Mystic Russia: The companion book to Warlords of Russia, Mystic Russia manages to capture many fascinating bits of Russian folk culture and belief. The Old Believer magic and the rest of the spells in here are superb. A surprisingly non-insane book in terms of power level late in the series.
Gun Porn Rating: 1/10.

6) Coalition War Campaign: Everyone's favorite Nazi stand-ins are back! Countless military classes, upgraded vehicles and guns, new suits of power armor, and plenty of Coalition States information--all in the name of Defending Humanity. I've run Rifts games just with classes out of the book, and it was a blast.
Gun Porn Rating: 10/10.

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Jeff Rients said...

What's your take on the Phase World stuff? I've been kinda interested ever since Settembrini described it as Star Wars with mecha.