Sunday, September 28, 2008

They Have Me Pegged

Courtesy of BoardGameGeek:


Questing GM said...

Damn it! Now I'm going to regret dumping all my old stuff.

Alex Schroeder said...

Tim Hutchings collects RPG maps (real, on paper) for an exhibition or something. He has a website, too.

tim h said...

Ha! I'm Tim Hutchings, the guy who runs the PlaGMaDA site. collects maps for several reasons:
1. Preservation - Ultimately the collection will be moved to a more respectable archive.
2. Interpretation - I am asserting that these are culturally valuable folk art objects
3. Exhibition - to display the maps to the public through the Web and via art spaces. So far we have had one exhibition with the Charlotte Street Foundation in Kansas City, and am planning one in New York City for the coming year.
4. To fill a fancy museum space and make old men weep sentimental tears.

That cartoon is right up my alley.

I am actively soliciting donations, not so much from folks like you but from your friends who no longer game. The guys who might, at any second, clean the game stuff out of their basement to make room for a weight set. So tell your friends, especially the ones who won't really care.

plagmada at gmail dot com

Zachary The First said...

Hi Tim--

I actually contacted you by email a bit ago about doing a small cash donation towards your site as well, as I think its exciting and worthwhile. Do you have that ability up and going yet?

tim h said...

Hi Zachary,

The donation link is working:

Rock on

tim h