Friday, October 3, 2008

Greyhawk Day #5: The Free City of Greyhawk!

The first part of this week's Greyhawk submissions comes from reader Salvador (in Portgual, of all places!), who says "if you're a fan of hand-drawn gaming maps and Greyhawk alike, you will definitely love these maps!". He's referring to Greyhawk Grognard's City of Greyhawk maps, which are enough to evoke nostalgia from the most obstinate of gaming hipsters.

Keeping with the Free City of Greyhawk, you can also find the beautiful maps by Denis Tetreault for the City of Greyhawk, RPGA-style, right here. (Don't forget to check out his city NPC listing as well).

A couple of Wizards of the Coast articles for your consideration as well: The Directing Oligarchs of Greyhawk, and The StoneRing of Greyhawk.

Now that we're in the 5th week of Greyhawk Day here at RPG Blog II, I just wanted to again say thanks to all the contributors and folks who've suggested links for this feature. For the novices out there, I hope that following these links is giving you a taste of a setting many of us dearly love (and that is such a rich part of our hobby's shared history), and for the hoary old vets who check this out, I hope it helps generate excitement, reminisicing, and inspiration to a new group of folks ready to strike out into the Flanaess. May Cold Iron Avail You!

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Nicely done!

Now...about Historical Cast... :)