Friday, October 24, 2008

Greyhawk Day #8: Castle Zagyg & A Deific Map

Two bits for this week's edition of Greyhawk Day:

-Earlier this week, Greyhawk Grognard posted the original release plans for Castle Zagyg. I'm hoping for the best still with this series, despite the disquieting developments, as from the descriptions alone there is no doubt in my mind I would snap up every one of these products as they became available.

-I ran across this Greyhawk Deity Map in my travels across the web this week. If, like me, you have a horrible time keeping them all straight, this could be very handy. I've also thought about doing something similiar for my homebrew...

Most RPG bloggers will tell you Friday is a wasteland when it comes to traffic (and is it ever true!). Which means I appreciate your stopping by all the more!


ChattyDM said...

Friday greetings Zach!

I find myself drawn to all things Gygax (ask his 2 kids I befriended on Facebook) although I do not share any of the Gygaxian nostalgia in term of gaming.

Heck, didn't I just write about a pillow fight in D&D?

I'd like to see James Mishler react to that... or worse, RPGsite...

He he he...

Zachary The First said...

Morning Phil! How's Europe?!

I LOVED the D&D Pillow Fight, and I hope you'll do me the honor of allowing me to "Pull A Chatty" in my next campaign by using it. :)

You know, I think its all good. Some folks have a purely Gygaxian nostalgia, others have a genuine appreciation for many, many elements of his design and overall work.

Me, I'm a great fan of Greyhawk, and admire many of the DIY elements and adjudicating GM elements of "old school", which I think means different things to a great many people.

Cheers, my friend!

ChattyDM said...

Switzerland was nice. The Swiss are laid back and friendly.

By all means, do take the idea and go wild with it! I would be the honored one!

In regards to grandad Gary, when I cut through the myth, I imagine a guy who honestly was looking to be entertained and entertaining.

I read with rapt attention the essays on Gygaxian Naturalism and while I can see where the writers come from in their analysis, I still think that Gary all made that stuff up on the fly to give his player a scary good time.

Plus, now that I can actually read English, going through the 1e A D&D books and trying to decipher Gary's literary prose is such a blast!

I'm rambling, I know... I'm at the Zurich Airport and somewhat bored. See ya later!