Saturday, October 11, 2008

Improving A RPG Blog (2)

I've finally had a (very) little time to make a few changes and updates that I've wanted to try around my blog, and I wanted to go over them, as well as share them with my fellow bloggers. Many of these items I'm just trying to see how they work out, and will report as to their success or failure:

-The first is that I'm trying out RPGNow's Affiliate Program. I didn't really want pure ads on my site, but RPGNow offers a feed both of their 5 hottest products as well as a feed for recently reviewed items, which seems more honestly useful to me. I think I get 5% of all sales following links from this site to RPGNow. So I guess if you'd like to support the site, feel free to follow links in those two sections in the right sidebar. I'll be reporting as to how well it does. I'm curious to see how this goes--right now, I'm a little skeptical.

-I've added links on the top so that the Feedburner link is now accompanied by links for feeds for Google Homepage/Reader, My Yahoo!, and Technorati, where I'm currently stinking it up. I've also included Plusmo, which is a cool site providing phone widgets, and which will allow you to have this blog delivered directly to your phone. I hope the net result for this is a little bit of ease and variety for folks following this site.

-I've separated out my Blogroll (which, as I write this, is having technical difficulties) and other Links on the site. I wanted to highlight (some of) the blogs I've been reading in a more conspicuous style, and I think that change allows for that. Again, please scroll down on the right sidebar.

-One of the (apparently) funny things I did was sign my blog up to be tracked through blogtopsites. If you would like to humble yourself as a blogger, sign up and find yourself ranking well below Malaysian fashion blogs and blogs covering Elvis impersonators (but congrats to The Core Mechanic, which is #37 in Entertainment).

-I've been working on getting a good stream of product reviews going, and I should have several new ones up shortly. I take pride in doing a nice, thorough review, and really look forward to getting back into the practice of doing them. (Publishers can contact me at mail.rpgblog(at) if interested).

-Lastly, I've purchased the domain name You'll still be able to reach this site through the normal .blogspot address, but it is something that was only $10/yearly and pretty automatic through Blogger, so I went ahead and did it. If nothing else, chalk it up to use for future expansion and in being easy to remember.

Part of being a part of RPG Bloggers is being able to share what works and what doesn't with my fellow gaming bloggers. I'll be happy to post on any increased (or decreased) site traffic, feedback, and experience as it comes my way.


Jonathan said...

"which is #37 in Entertainment"... holy crap! really? AWESOME!!! =D

Rich said...

Nice! I've always like your sites colors.

Next time I need to go thru RPGNow, I'll try your link (but I have to warn you, my gaming budget is hurting just now--thank goodness for freebies!)

Ravyn said...

Did you reset your background color? I'm having a really hard time reading this post; the way my computer's displaying, there's practically no contrast, and I have to highlight for it to be legible.

Zachary The First said...

Yeah, it shouldn't display like that for you. Wonder what's wrong. It looks fine on my comp. I'll republish and see if that takes care of it. Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

Looks ok here--the midde part o' the template just always takes a sec to load.

disa said...