Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An RPG Blogger Anthology?

Over at The Core Mechanic, the idea of an annual anthology for RPG bloggers was tossed out there--a publication that showcases the best of submitted articles for the year. I think this would be an interesting project--perhaps another way to gain notice to the blogs and work that perhaps slip through the cracks? I think there could be an entire section--hell, an entire anthology--each for "Old School Gaming Movement" and "Working With 4th Edition" alike.

Anyhow, if this sounds like something you'd be interested in participating in or volunteering for, leave a comment for Jonathan over there letting him know. I'm encouraged to see these sort of ideas for the blogging community--I've been kicking around seeing what interest would be in some sort of combined (holiday?) charity drive, but have no specifics on that yet. And its easy to get unwittingly over-extended in new projects. But we could certainly do more together than we could ever do separately.

It looks like this idea is at least tenatively going forward. Got a post you think deserves to be shared with a larger audience? Check out the submission form, and for now I'm guessing direct all questions over at The Core Mechanic (or in the thread at the RPG Bloggers Google Group, if you're a member).

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Jonathan said...

thanks for the link back and the support Zachary! To add to the linklove, I've also created a google group Open Game Table that will serve as the platform for organizing the anthology. Anyone interested in helping should join Open Game Table and let me know how you are interested in helping out. In addition, at my main blog The Core Mechanic I just posted more information about the anthology with the aim to clarify some questions and concerns some people have already had. Hope that helps!