Friday, October 31, 2008

Troll Lord Waves Goodbye To The Gygax Properties

From yesterday's blog entry at the Troll Den:

Gygax Games has withdrawn all licenses from Troll Lord Games. This includes Gygaxian Fantasy Worlds, Gord the Rogue, King of England King of France, C&C Adventures as well as Castle Zagyg. This is a note from Gail:

“A fond farewell from Gail Gygax:

I want to thank all at Troll Lord Games for the joy, laughter, and support they gave my late husband these past eight years. Many of you are wondering what is in store for various worlds created by Gary. To that end, I have, with TLG’s good wishes and blessings, embarked on a new journey.

Gygax Games will now take up the mantle as the vehicle for the continuation of Gary’s unfinished works, plus the Lejendary Adventure™, Castle Zagyg™, and Gygaxian™ Fantasy Worlds product lines. There are lots of fun surprises ahead!

This does not preclude Gygax Games from working the Troll Lord Games and I hope to do so in the future. To that end, I look forward to seeing everyone in Lake Geneva in the summer of 2009 for the convention!

This wasn't unexpected, but still isn't exactly a welcome answer. Frankly, I was upset with this upon first read, but since I've taken some time to mull it over, perhaps it ain't all bad. While the idea of a company like Mongoose completing Castle Zagyg with their soulless staff writing fills me with dread, Troll Lord is doing well with the selling of Castles & Crusades, and perhaps this will give them a chance to focus a bit more internally on that and the SIEGE Engine line. And if you think I'm not picking up Jim Ward's Towers of Adventure when it is released, you're crazy.

More discussion here.

I will say I think the idea/suggestions of CZ going GSL doesn't seem like a good fit to me. Nothing against the system, but as Clark Peterson of Necromancer has pointed out on another topic, 4e may not exactly have the proper feel for this sort of thing.


Anonymous said...

They'd be smart to work closer with James Mishler and Adventure Games.

Zachary The First said...

Well, AGP has some good stuff going, to be sure.

I do wish the Trolls the best. If Castle Zagyg does land somewhere else via licensing, I'm gonna be feeling pretty particular about with whom it lands.