Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vintage Dragon Magazine Game Advertisements, Part II

Today's vintage adverts appeared in the pages of Dragon Magazine #27 (July, 1979--my favorite article in this issue is Bob Bedslaw talking about what Judges Guild has done for D&D):

(click to enlarge)


David said...

Looking back at the ads, what a great idea.

I have two copies of Divine Right. It was my favorite game back in high school. I've tried for a few years now, but can't get any one of my friends to play it.

Those Gen Con ads, along with the full programs they used to put in Dragon, had me drooling. Finally went, all these years later, for the first time this past August. Had a fantastic time. Can't wait until next year.

And Traveller. Just reading the books made me feel like I was adventuring among the stars. I purchased the new Mongoose Traveller recently. I'm happy to see it looks very much like little-black-book classic Traveller, with some tweaks for the modern age.

Zachary The First said...

Mongoose Traveller really grew on me. I really think they kept the best of Classic, with a few solid updates.

Glad you like the ad flashbacks. I love the old ads in early 80s comics as well--that's what gave me the idea. I'll likely be doing more soon!

mortellan said...

Those ads are CLASSIC! You could post those for months and not run out I bet. Man I miss those good ol days!