Thursday, November 20, 2008

Greyhawk Day #12: On A Thursday?

Yep, this week Greyhawk Day is on a Thursday, as I have something else scheduled for tomorrow.

I'm having a lot of fun doing Greyhawk Day, but there was a really positive response to the collections and commentary on Vintage Dragon Magazine advertisements I was doing there for a bit. So I think we're going to try that out on Fridays instead for a little bit, and see how it goes over. Rest assured, Greyhawk is always near and dear, but I want to make sure I'm putting stuff out folks enjoy. Friday is traditionally a "down" day for blog traffic, so its also a good day to try stuff out on. If nothing else, perhaps we'll do both--or alternate. I'd love any feedback on the topic!

But meanwhile, that is no cause for all of you to suffer! Greyhawk Day #12 presents the following:

Bekra's Heraldry Shop: Need examples of Greyhawk heraldry or a collection of the same? Look no further!

...and in what is my favorite find of the week:

Greyhawk Dragon Magazine Index: Listing all the Greyhawk articles, pre-2000, to appear in Dragon Magazine. A nice complement to the DragonDex.

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