Monday, November 24, 2008

Organizing RPG PDFs

I've finally finished up organizing all my RPG files on our laptop. I found that I was re-downloading stuff I already had, that I had multiple copies of the same file, and that finding anything was becoming a tremendous pain. So, I decided to finally sit down and organize them in a way that works for me.

This is a shot of the main folder (click for a larger view). I'm a visual person, so I've used some icons to help me more easily differentiate between them. (Just for reference, "Irrin" is our homebrew campaign world:

For the sub-folders, I've used company logos and pictures to much the same effect. Here's my folder for other source material:

Here's a shot of the Other Games folder, for games I'm not playing at the moment:

So, that's it. If you're curious, the dragon and treasure chest .ico files are free from Wizards of the Coast (link here). Does anyone organize their pdfs in a different manner (if at all?).


Matt said...

I use similar folders, usually by company.

However, lately I've been sorting by type (so D&D in one folder regardless of publisher, the same with Cthulhu-related products).

I don't use fancy images though.

Badelaire said...

Sadly no, no organizing for me. I've got a lot of PDF junk scattered across my work computer, my work external hard drive, a half dozen USB keys, and no less than three laptops. Oh, and I've got some PDFs printed, some not, some of the printed bound up nicely, some just three hole punched, some just in manila's a train-wreck.

Some day, some day...

sirlarkins said...

I organize by game system. My D&D folder, for example, is then divided up into editions/iterations (so a folder for 1e stuff, 2e stuff, C&C, Iron Heroes, etc.). I also have folders for Game Worlds and Adventures, since I consider those essentially independent of whatever edition they were published for.

I like the icons for the folders! Might have to look into that next time I do a reorganization of my PDF folder.